Nice things I’m discovering about WordPress

Maybe that’s what this page will be for – jotting down stuff that I discover as I work on setting up my “proper” blog, as I don’t want to clutter that one with all sorts of irrelevant trivia.

On the whole I think the setting-up process here is pretty user-friendly, but last night there was something I was struggling with, and I was really pleased to see that I could easily find the answer to my query by browsing through the support forum. Found a link to a very clear and helpful explanation, including visuals.

And a hugely pleasant surprise was that here we’re allowed to change our blog URL and even our user name (subject to the names we want being free, obviously). That was amazing!

Right. I think that’s all I had to say for now. Off to work on the other blog – that’s what I really came here for.


Your reactions please

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