Been fiddling with themes again

Not here, on my serious blog. Had it set up with Coraline but didn’t like the font. I’m sure there was some other reason I decided to try changing themes, but I don’t remember what it was now.

Yes, I’m fussy 🙂

Came across a theme called Duster, which looked extremely cool, but when I tried it out I found that all that coolness is only for blogs where you set it to show your posts on the front page, whereas on that blog I prefer to have the About page as a front page. I found that when I did that with Duster, it wouldn’t show widgets on the sidebar at all.

So I’ve gone for MistyLook instead. It gives me all the widgetry I require, it allows me to put a picture in the header, and I like the look. I guess it’s partly the more modern font that sells it to me.

One thing I particularly liked in Duster was the way comments were shown in a kind of speech bubble. But hey, you can’t have everything, right?


Your reactions please

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