So that’s what they mean by Gallery!!!!!!!

One of the things that has bugged me about WordPress blogs was that I couldn’t see a way of not having my posts showing in full on my homepage unless I set the homepage to show a different page (as I’ve done on my Church Laundry blog – I’ve got the homepage set to my About page and the way to get to the blog posts is through the links in the sidebar) – but yes, there is a way! (excuse me whilst I burst into song.)

When you write/edit a post you get three Format options (or at least that’s what I get with this theme – I think it varies depending on the theme you’re using): Standard, Aside, or Gallery. I had worked out quite quickly what Aside does, it shows your post quite differently on the page and it hides the post title. What wasn’t obvious to me was the Gallery option – I think that’s because if you do that and click “view post” you won’t see the difference, as the difference is only visible when you’re viewing the homepage: what happens is that instead of the whole post showing, only the beginning is visible, with an arrow/link or something for viewing the rest.

yay! off to do some editing…

(why do I want it to do that, you ask? two reasons. one is that this way I can get stats telling me how many people read each post. and also this way if you’re visiting my blog for the first time, you can see at a glance the beginnings of quite a lot of posts and you can easily click to read the one you find interesting. so everybody wins.)

P.S. Yes, it depends on the theme you use. In my Church Laundry blog I’m using MistyLook and I don’t have these options there. But here I’m using Coraline, which does.

EDIT: Yay! You can still achieve the same effect even if you’re using a theme without the Gallery option! see my later post to learn how!


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