Writing about God is pretty awesome

A Christian song writer talks on his blog about the struggles involved in composing the lyrics, about his awareness that “when finite beings with a rhyming dictionary and four chords sit down to say something about God they will sometimes miss the mark. And even when they don’t, someone will likely believe they have.” – so true, and true not just of song writers but for anyone who tries to say stuff about God in words. As a blogger who sometimes writes about God, I totally identify with that.

And I especially identify with what he said at the end: “I write about God because I love Him deeply. And yet because I love Him, I’m afraid to write about Him.” I feel the same. I blog about him, and it’s scary because I definitely will be misunderstood, I definitely will not phrase everything perfectly, because, guess what, I’m human. but I take comfort in the fact that God has consistently, throughout history, chosen to use fallible human beings (plus the odd donkey) to speak his message.

The fear of getting it wrong and/or being misunderstood – that fear whispers in my ear as I type. But giving in would mean keeping silent about stuff that… well, I can’t keep silent about. So I fumble along, doing my best and knowing that perfection is not something I’m capable of (at least not often) because I’m not God, but knowing that God knows this and doesn’t expect perfection from me, just my best efforts.


Your reactions please

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