Getting more clever about tagging

Having been blogging elsewhere for a few years I’ve developed some habits which I can see are not so good for blogging on WordPress – I need to relearn how to tag my posts.

I’m used to treating tags as (ideally) a useful tool for people to find things on my blog, but here there is the added value of tags as a way of attracting readers to your blog in the first place – so the thing is to try and think of the sort of tags people are likely to search for, not just my own quirky phrasing but stuff that others might think of looking up.

(Oh, and the thing to avoid if you don’t want to be regarded as a spammer is tag abuse – sticking an irrelevant tag onto your post as a way of attracting readers. I have seen some of that stuff going on and it really doesn’t endear these people to me! It makes me growl and it makes it highly unlikely that I will ever read their posts, so it kind of beats the purpose.)


One response to “Getting more clever about tagging

  1. Online Blogger

    Great post thanks for sharing. You have a great layout here. I find blogging very useful. You can help other people in the network to get started with their own little blog setups.

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