Different Blogs for Different Frogs

Been sorting out my category system here. When I set up this blog I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, it has been gradually taking shape and I’ve now set up categories and sub-categories to reflect this shape. Most of what I write here is what I have called “discoveries and notes to self” – things I’m learning as I go along and that I want to write down so that I’ll be able to look back at some point and remind myself, but also that other people might also benefit from. It can be something deep I’ve come to understand about the way we humans function, but it can also be something practical like finding that a certain WordPress theme doesn’t have the gallery feature.

How come I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, you may wonder… Here’s what happened:

I had decided to set up a blog for a particular purpose, and needed to set up a WordPress account for that. I knew what I wanted to call that blog but I didn’t want to use that name as my own user name. So I thought a bit, tried some options but found they were taken, and eventually ended up with the user name Lyagushka. (why? that’s in my About page.) And once I had set up that user name, I felt I wanted to take it as a blog name too, because if Lyagushka is going to be my identity in WP-land then I don’t want anyone else setting up a blog here and calling it Lyagushka. (Actually I’m not sure if they’d allow it or not, but I wasn’t going to take any chances.)

So initially this blog was sitting here and not doing anything, except that I used it to try out themes and settings for the other one. But as I was trying things out, I started making notes here of what I was discovering – so that’s how it started to become a place for “discoveries and notes to self”.

I’ve got a separate blog where I post opinions and rants about this and that – it’s one I’m beginning to revive after some time when I wasn’t posting there much.

This is all part of a general sort-out I’ve been doing in my blogging life – for some time I was doing most of my blogging in one place, but I feel that pick-n-mix approach isn’t so great, plus… it’s a bit of a long story, but there are all sorts of issues to do with using that place for blogging which have accumulated and got me to the point of saying: no, I can’t really keep doing it any more, I need to set up proper blogs in places that are proper blogging platforms and to have a clear definition for each of these blogs of what it’s for, so my readers will have some idea of what to expect. I can’t just assume that my writing style is so wonderful that people will want to read my stuff no matter what the subject, I think that’s a bit arrogant and not very realistic.

So, here we are, ladies and gentlemen. Lyagushka the frog at your service, sharing stuff she’s learning as she goes along.


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