they say an optimist is one who looks at the half-full glass, but it suddenly dawned on me today that seeing the half-full glass can have a different meaning.

optimism is to do with what your expectations are of the future. but what about the here and now, what about the way we experience the present moment?

I wake up and survey the reality I’m in – there are unpleasant factors in this reality, there is pain and heartache and all sorts of stuff I could grumble about, there are things I’d love to have but they are absent from my half-full glass. I could very easily focus on those, I could very easily get dragged down by the half-empty part.

or I could look at the positive parts of the same scene, and allow myself to feel joy and gratitude. there is so much good in my half-full glass!

here are just some of these things, in no particular order:

  1. the birds singing outside
  2. the pretty flowers in the garden
  3. people who like me
  4. a home which is safe
  5. a laptop that works
  6. a loving husband
  7. ways of being creative
  8. stuff that makes me laugh
  9. a loving and forgiving and patient God
  10. clothes to wear, food to eat

can you think of ten?


Your reactions please

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