What are you doing?

I have the feeling that this was the message on Twitter at one time, before they changed it to the less threatening “What’s happening?” – maybe they realised that for many people sitting at the computer and reading through tweets instead of, say, getting on with their work, the question “What are you doing?” is likely to induce guilt and, who knows, maybe even to get them to stop wasting work time on Twitter.

Sometimes when I click once again to see what’s the latest on Facebook or on Multiply or on Twitter, or go to play another round of whichever game I’m currently into on the computer, I hear this question:

What are you doing?

And I have to confess that the honest answer sometimes is:


Trying to avoid something else which seems like it might be painful.

CS Lewis wrote about our tendency to avoid taking our problems to God and he used the dentist analogy: when we are kids and we have toothache, we know that the sensible thing to do is go to our mother and tell her we’ve got toothache, but we might avoid it because we know that she’s likely to take us to the dentist, and what the dentist does to us is likely to hurt. So we stay with the pain because we’re scared of the other type of pain – even though the pain the dentist will inflict on us is only very temporary and is for our own good.

Humans are funny creatures. It’s a good job God is so patient and loves us despite our silly foibles.

What are you doing? If your answer is “avoiding taking my problems to God” then stop. Whatever it is that you’re doing is not going to make the pain go away.


Your reactions please

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