If you want people to share your posts…

… then make it easy for them – give them links/buttons so they can do it quickly and easily. Whether you blog on WordPress or on Blogger, you have options as to whether or not you want to show Share buttons at the bottom of each post – here on WP you can even choose from a selection of services to include, and you can choose if you want to show them each individually or, as I’ve done, to hide them all under a button that says Share. (I don’t remember if it’s exactly the same on Blogger – just that it is possible to choose if you want to show Share buttons or not.)

This may seem obvious – it seemed obvious to me up to now, but earlier today I visited someone’s blog (on Blogger) and read a post I thought was really good and I wanted to share it on Twitter, and found no quick and easy way of doing that. First I had to find the elusive permalink to the post (which was hidden behind the time stamp at the bottom), then copy and paste it into Twitter (which I had open anyway in another browser tab, but I’m sure not everyone does) and add what I wanted to say about it – but I had less space to say much because I didn’t have the shortened URL which is automatically created when using the Share buttons. I’m sure plenty of people would have just given up in such circumstances, basically because we all have other things to do. So this guy is missing out on exposure which he would get if he would only tweak his post settings.

You want people to help you? Make it easy for them.

feel free to tweet this post. 🙂



One response to “If you want people to share your posts…

  1. I use Nambu when posting to Twitter and it automagically shortens URLs. … For some reason I’m thinking Twitter shortened the last URL that I posted directly as well. I wonder if there’s a setting for that? I don’t use Twitter directly very often and haven’t played with the settings in ages.

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