Why I don’t think I can computerise my to do list

had been wondering about this recently, as so far I haven’t really managed to create a system that works for me long-term – every now and again I’ve started a new notepad or something where I would jot down each and every item as it came to mind and I would really enjoy being able to strike something out when I’d done it – the sense of achievement can be quite euphoric at times, especially for a procrastinator.

but then the notepad would get buried under piles of paper on my desk – how do they happen? like some alien life form, they just take over – and once again I’d end up scribbling things on odd bits of paper and… well… some of them do actually get done eventually, but this is a far from efficient system, if you can call it a system at all…

so I thought I’d try and see if I could find software that I could work with. found something that I thought could do the job for me, because it’s got a cute layout (without a fun element there’s no way I could keep it going for long), because it’s very customisable – you can set up folders and sub-folders and give them whatever names you like – and, most importantly, because you can set it to show items you’ve marked as done, and they’re shown with a visible strike-out! so there was me getting ready to pretty much marry because it seemed so wonderful – which it is – but…

I really can’t. I need to keep scribbling – on bits of paper or on a notepad, whatever, but I need to scribble these things and not type them. There is some kind of cognitive process involved – at least for me – in typing something (that’s part of why I enjoy blogging, because I’m processing the thoughts as I type) and I can’t stop and do that with each and every thought that comes to my head about something I think I should do/could do/might do/might think about maybe doing/might want to look into the possibility of doing – my head is pretty constantly buzzing with ideas and there’s no way I could translate each of those into a typed item that belongs in a certain folder/sub-folder.

It’s this beach-combing way of thinking – from what I’ve read about personality types, and from what I observe in the world around me, I understand that there are people whose minds tend to categorise things more and who naturally think in an orderly fashion, but there are those, like me, who just simply don’t. My thoughts flutter like butterflies from one flower to another – there’s a pretty yellow one, oh but there’s that nice purple one, oh look at that bee, oh what about that flower on that bush there… So I need to scribble things, get them written down quickly, naturally, spontaneously. Tidying them up into neatly typed folders on the computer screen – no, I just don’t think I can do that.


5 responses to “Why I don’t think I can computerise my to do list

  1. ha ha, I can’t computerize my to-do list either, but that’s only because when I get on to add something, I invariably end up checking Flickr, or a blog, or Spoonflower, or the comics, or the weather…. or I get an email and have to answer it… or I think of a book I need to inter-library loan online… or… or… and then nothing on my to-do list gets done.

    • haha, yes, I hadn’t thought about that aspect – there are so many available distractions once you’re on the computer, I know very well what it’s like when I come here to just do such-and-such… three hours later I don’t even remember what it was… staying focused is really hard. sometimes I find myself longing for the days of typewriters, when you’d sit down to write and that was very clearly the task in hand, there was nothing else that machine could do.

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  3. The feelings are mutual.

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