Google Plus

Google+ is great but there’s no archiving system there, you can’t easily find old posts, so I’m going to use this post to accumulate useful links for G+ newbies.

A great visual start-up guide by Saidur (Cy) Hossain – or, if you prefer, there’s a video version on YouTube!

Three Easy Steps to start using Google+ by Linda Lawrie

A thorough step-by-step guide for those who find the whole thing a bit daunting – by Technogran (this post is the first in a series she’s been doing there, so if you find it helpful I suggest clicking on for no.2 and 3 and so forth – I’ve just seen there’s a no.9!

How to send a private message by yours truly (though I hope they will eventually add a private message feature, but this is a workaround for now.) Yay! there now is a Message button on each user’s Profile.

How to access your own posts in just one click by yours truly

How to format text (they don’t allow html code there)

to search Google+ (this is not an official Google search!) Yay! There is now a “search Google+” feature, and seeing as search is something Google are pretty good at, it works very well!

a guide to Google+ by Mashable

the Google+ cheat sheet by Simon Laustsen

How to rearrange photos in an album (answer in the comments to this post)

the Google Plus help centre

How to set up an RSS feed for your posts by Linda Lawrie (obviously this only works for public posts)

I will continually add more links here as and when I come across more useful tips and guides.

Updated 17 November 2011


8 responses to “Google Plus

  1. excellent! thanks for putting this all together.

  2. May I also suggest:

    It’s a slide set I created and plan to update for the foreseeable future 🙂

    • Thanks! I think visual screenshot-based guides are really helpful.

      Two small points I’d make though:
      1. in the slide titled “hide posts” you’ve interpreted “block this person” as “stop following”, but it’s more than that. Blocking someone means they won’t be able to comment on your public posts. To just stop following someone, all you have to do is remove that person from your circles.
      2. in the slide titled “your profile page” you’ve said that the +1 section is for “sites you like” but it’s not just whole websites, it includes blog posts you’ve read somewhere and +1ed.

  3. Have just added another great link:

    It’s the first in a whole series she’s doing, a very thorough step-by-step guide for the perplexed!

  4. Thank you for this Lyagushka I am very grateful.

  5. wow! James Lawson-Smith has made a great video version of Saidur Hossain’s start-up guide:

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