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Stop press: I’ve moved!

It seems quite apt for a last post here, on a blog I defined as “sharing stuff I’m learning as I go”, to say: I’ve learned that I’m not really good at compartmentalising and that trying to keep separate blogs for different purposes just isn’t the way for me.

So, from now on I’m going to do  all  most of my blogging in one place, which I’ve named quite simply Meirav’s Blog. (The one exception is Church Laundry, which I am going to keep as a separate entity as I feel it really is fulfilling a specific need.)

If you’d like to keep reading my posts, come on over to my nice new blog, and click the “follow” button.

Thank you for flying Lyagushka Airlines. Hope you enjoyed the flight.


Reasons why it’s easier to upset people online #37.4

not trying to cover all the reasons here, just one that I’ve just twigged about: we don’t see the other person’s face, so we don’t see how hurt they are. it’s the total opposite of those computer games where people … Continue reading


If you want people to share your posts…

… then make it easy for them – give them links/buttons so they can do it quickly and easily. Whether you blog on WordPress or on Blogger, you have options as to whether or not you want to show Share … Continue reading


Putting limits on friendship – for the sake of the friendship

I’ve seen something going round on Twitter, saying: “Twitter makes me love people I’ve never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life.” I’m not sure I agree with the distinction, but I recognise a general … Continue reading


So, tone of voice doesn’t always help us understand…

I have heard it said so many times – how online communication is more open to misunderstanding because we don’t hear the other person’s tone of voice and we don’t see their facial expressions… Heard it so many times and … Continue reading


Learning stuff about Twitter

so, on Twitter, only if someone follows me then I am able to send them a message (DM). (I started using Twitter a few weeks ago, am gradually picking things up as I go.)


If your name/username starts with L

When setting up my profile here I almost set it to display my username as lyagushka and then I remembered something I’d observed elsewhere on the net – a guy whose username is lfom (starting with an L) and people are … Continue reading