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perhaps my search for a pattern is actually my pattern?

just read another chapter in Personality and Prayer and I feel – wow… where do I start… this is an excellent book, so helpful in understanding myself better and understanding others better. the bits about people whose personality is very different … Continue reading


Got it covered?

How old were you when you learned to hide things from your parents? or to try and hide them… because so often it seems the grown-ups have eyes in the back of their heads, or some uncanny ability to work … Continue reading


Some things we have to keep re-learning

I’ve said this is a blog about stuff I’m learning, but there are some things that are harder to learn than others, some lessons we keep needing to be reminded of. Or at least I do… I am a follower … Continue reading


Doing the boring stuff

So there’s this guy who works at a camp and feels called to doing the sort of maintenance-type stuff which isn’t very glamorous or exciting but it is essential so that other people can enjoy what they are there to … Continue reading

Reasons why praying for others is good for me #3.6.1

It gets me talking to God.

Any excuse is a good excuse 🙂


Writing about God is pretty awesome

A Christian song writer talks on his blog about the struggles involved in composing the lyrics, about his awareness that “when finite beings with a rhyming dictionary and four chords sit down to say something about God they will sometimes … Continue reading


Lord, please give me patience…

Started the day with seeing someone’s comment on a post of mine somewhere and thinking: oh, Lord, I need patience to deal with this and I haven’t got any… but you do, he said. you just have to use it.