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Got it covered?

How old were you when you learned to hide things from your parents? or to try and hide them… because so often it seems the grown-ups have eyes in the back of their heads, or some uncanny ability to work … Continue reading


What are you doing?

I have the feeling that this was the message on Twitter at one time, before they changed it to the less threatening “What’s happening?” – maybe they realised that for many people sitting at the computer and reading through tweets … Continue reading


Some things we have to keep re-learning

I’ve said this is a blog about stuff I’m learning, but there are some things that are harder to learn than others, some lessons we keep needing to be reminded of. Or at least I do… I am a follower … Continue reading

Reasons why praying for others is good for me #3.6.1

It gets me talking to God.

Any excuse is a good excuse 🙂


Writing about God is pretty awesome

A Christian song writer talks on his blog about the struggles involved in composing the lyrics, about his awareness that “when finite beings with a rhyming dictionary and four chords sit down to say something about God they will sometimes … Continue reading