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Another thing I like about WordPress

is that you can have a tag starting with a capital letter. where I’ve been blogging there wasn’t that option, if you typed in “God” the tag would appear as “god” and to me that mattered as I don’t write … Continue reading


Editing comments – now that’s a handy feature!

My first blogging home had a totally different take on the subject of comment editing – there, the person who replies to your post has the freedom to edit their comment at any time, but you as a blogger can’t. … Continue reading


So that’s what they mean by Gallery!!!!!!!

One of the things that has bugged me about WordPress blogs was that I couldn’t see a way of not having my posts showing in full on my homepage unless I set the homepage to show a different page (as … Continue reading


My other blog…

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My other blog is ready at last! unlike this one, the other one is a blog for Christians:


Nice things I’m discovering about WordPress

Maybe that’s what this page will be for – jotting down stuff that I discover as I work on setting up my “proper” blog, as I don’t want to clutter that one with all sorts of irrelevant trivia. On the … Continue reading